S+D Plastics Recycling: We collect and deliver waste plastics for mechanical recycling

Environmental protection is important to us! Therefore, we make great efforts to provide the collected plastics for recycling via the shortest possible transport route.

About 50% of our handled amounts are processed into high-grade regrind in Europe.

The disposal of packaging waste is a great challenge for trade, commerce and industry.

The range of services provided by S+D Plastics Recycling includes

  • collection
  • sorting
  • storage
  • trading

of packaging films and other plastic products. Annually, more than 25,000 metric tons of plastics are supplied to mechanical recycling. A large part of this amount is handled and processed in our in our storage centre in Stelle, which is approved according to the German Federal Emission Control Act (BImSchG).

We are

  • a certified specialised waste management company
  • member of the German Federal Association for Secondary Raw Materials and Waste Disposal (BVSE e.V.)
  • AQSIQ certified since 2005
  • and wherever possible, co-operate with certified final processors


A supplier with high quality standards

S+D Plastics Recycling supplies German and European recycling companies as well as partners in the Far East. About 50% of our handled amounts remain in Europe. The proximity of the Port of Hamburg provides a strong logistic advantage to S+D Plastics Recycling, and our careful quality control makes us an interesting and reliable partner within Germany and abroad.

Recycling plastics in high demand

Since the year 2000, we have established a wide network of certified recycling companies within Europe and in the Far East. For these customers, S+D Plastics Recycling collects plastic recycling films and other recycling plastics in various qualities


If you want to dispose of suitable recyclables,
please contact the S+D Plastics Recycling experts.